is it safe to buy levitra online

is it safe to buy levitra online
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This is a medicine that can return a man to his sexual power.
Effective at any age, well treats various types of impotence.
Now almost everyone knows how Levitra helps. is it safe to buy levitra online
But not everyone knows that you can buy other medicines containing vardenafil, which are no less effective, but are sold much cheaper.
They are usually called analogs or generics.
Often the question, what is Levitra, is asked by women.
Dear ladies, this is a drug that is able to return an erection to your partner if he has lost it. Or seriously enhance his capabilities in bed, if everything is in order with his erection.
Scientifically, the main component of Levitra, vardenafil, is a PDE5 inhibitor.
A substance that can penetrate the walls of blood vessels in the pelvic organs and eliminate those problems that prevent the penis from filling with blood and remaining in this state for a long time.
This is what Levitra is for, this is why it is so popular among both gay and heterosexual people.
The drug has almost no contraindications, side effects are extremely rare.
What is vardenafil?
It is the main active ingredient in Levitra and many other medicines.
If the drug contains vardenafil, then it is an analogue of the original drug.
This is what generic Levitra is, it usually costs significantly less.
The substance was developed by scientists from three of the world’s leading pharmaceutical corporations: Bayer Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline and Schering-Plow.
Bayer is headquartered in Germany, GlaxoSmithKline is headquartered in the UK, and Schering-Pooh is based in the United States.
The companies decided that it makes no sense to compete, it is better to unite in order to develop a drug that can compete with the famous Viagra.
The development of PDE5 inhibitors is extremely expensive.
It requires the involvement of world-renowned luminaries of organic chemistry and microbiology. is it safe to buy levitra online
It takes years of research, laboratories equipped with the latest technology and a large number of experimental patients.
Research, clinical trials and testing of the new drug were completed in 2005. The drug appeared on the market and immediately gained immense popularity.
One of its main advantages over competitors’ products is its quick onset of action. An erection appears already after only 15 minutes after administration.
Therefore, the drug is liked by active partners, those who wish to have sex for a long time and often.
Application and dosage Initially, the patient is prescribed up to 20 mg of the active ingredient per day, with the possibility of a maximum increase to 40 mg.
This dose is usually prescribed for diabetics, as well as for patients after prostatectomy (the initial dosage may not produce the desired effect).
Elderly people after 60 years of age are prescribed a starting dose of 10 mg vardenafil.
During the prescribed course of treatment, erectile function and potency are restored in 90% of patients, which eliminates the need for taking the drug.
As for the optimal time of admission, it is recommended to take a pill half an hour to an hour before the intended sexual contact.
Levitra can be taken once a day, not more often.
At the same time, the effectiveness of the drug lasts up to 10 hours, which provides a man with a full and regular sex life.
It is necessary to understand that an erection occurs only if a man experiences sexual desire (arousal).
Without an object of desire, he can fully engage in his usual activities, without fear of emptying the bladder or public incidents. is it safe to buy levitra online
What are Levitra tablets for?
They are needed in order to return an erection and the ability to have sex with any man.
The drug is allowed to be taken by everyone who has reached the age of majority.
That is, if you are over eighteen years old, you can go to the pharmacy and buy Levitra tablets or any generic of them.
The question arises, is it necessary to take such a remedy at the age of eighteen, when everything is in perfect order with an erection?
It is necessary if you know what kind of medicine vardenafil is. It can dramatically enhance your sexual performance. Yes, even the smallest arousal causes a strong boner in young guys.
But analyze your sexual experience. Think about how often you had premature ejaculations and how many times you managed to get an erection during one evening with your partner.
Wouldn’t you like to expand your horizons? Wouldn’t you like to have an orgasm five or six times in one night?
By taking vardenafil, you will be able to satisfy your partner more and better.
And it doesn’t matter who you are having sex with. It can be a man, a woman, or something else.
In any case, with the help of the Levitra tablet, you can show yourself much better in bed.
Strengthening potency, expanding opportunities, getting more satisfaction this is what Levitra is used for by men all over the world.
And their partners are very satisfied with the result.
Another issue is the treatment of erectile dysfunction, that is, impotence.
Actually, for the sake of this, the drug was created.
Scientists managed to accomplish the impossible to develop a tool that can return the boner even to gray-haired old people, even to those patients who have long been desperate and do not even dream of having sex again and experiencing an orgasm. is it safe to buy levitra online
If you take Levitra according to the instructions, follow the dosage and other recommendations, then you will succeed.
The diagnosis impotence has long ceased to be a sentence.
Now all this is being treated. And it doesn’t matter what exactly caused your problems in the genital area.
If, purely physically, your penis can still fill with blood, if there is no serious damage on it, then the issue is very easy to solve.
You just need to take a pill containing vardenafil, and you will again feel how the blood rushes, how there is little room in your pants.
And you can have sex as much as you want.
Of course, in most cases, erectile dysfunction isn’t going anywhere. It will not disappear by itself. You will have to take pills every time.
But every time they prove themselves just perfect.
Here, the vardenafil tablet, what kind of medicine is it this is an effective remedy that can cause a riser literally fifteen minutes after taking it.
What does Levitra do?
We would like to draw your attention to another important and interesting fact.
So that you fully understand what vardenafil is and how it works and not make mistakes.
You need to understand that he is not a stimulant. That is, if you do not want to have sex, if there is nothing that would turn you on, then there will be no erection.
Many people worry: what happens if I drink the medicine, but instead of having sexual intercourse, I go on business?
Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen.
Or here’s another common mistake. It is often admitted by those patients who simply do not understand what kind of drug Levitra is.
They think it affects both men and women alike. is it safe to buy levitra online
No that’s not true. He has no effect on the fairer sex. At least, it does not cause them sexual arousal.
Therefore, you should not take Levitra or any other preparations containing vardenafil if you are not a man.
But for men, everything is unambiguous. Do you want to regain an erection that has disappeared completely or partially?
Do you want to strengthen your capabilities in bed so that you can be more and more often?
Then the answer is one you need to take Levitra or any of its many generics and take about an hour before intercourse.
Try not to mix the medicine with alcohol and fatty foods.
Although this is allowed, it does not lead to anything good.
And don’t forget to check with your healthcare professional if you experience any side effect symptoms or have any questions.
Be especially careful about what other drugs you are taking in parallel. Never mix Levitra with nitrates.
If you do not meet the factors that usually cause you arousal (for example, you will not see a naked partner), then your penis will not stand up either.
The medicine itself does not cause an erection.
The drug is not prescribed in the following cases:
age up to 18 years;
serious pathologies and defects of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, and other internal organs;
history of hypotensive conditions, hypertension, crisis, recent heart attack or stroke (up to six months), unstable angina pectoris, etc.;
physiological pathologies of the structure or functioning of the penis, underdevelopment of the genitals and secondary signs;
serious violations of the circulatory system, problems with blood clotting;
allergy to the active or auxiliary substances of the drug, Quincke’s edema or anaphylactic shock in history;
ulcerative processes of the digestive tract in the active stage;
degenerative processes on the retina;
predisposition to priapism;
concomitant therapy with nitrate-based drugs or nitric oxide donors;
treatment with HIV protease inhibitors (eg, Indinavid).